Our Story

The industry need, and our passion meet to form Staff Solutions


Whilst working in kitchens worldwide over the last 20 years, the team at Staff Solutions has gained experience and above all, passion for the hospitality industry. However, over this period we started to notice a few worrying trends arising.

The main being, that over time there has been a steady decline in the number of committed chefs that share this same passion for cooking especially here in Australia, this leading to a significant shortage.

Having experience sponsoring overseas chef’s in our own kitchens we noticed a trend of hard work, dedication and happy attitudes. What we soon realised was that we found the perfect solution to the chef shortage in Australia, the idea of Staff Solutions was born.

After a significant amount of hard work, we have developed a sponsorship solution that gives opportunities for skilled international chefs to work in local venues with the goal to gain residency in Australia.

This really is a win/win for all parties involved!

The venue receives a skilled, motivated and passionate chef that is committed to making a new life in Australia; while the chef has steady work, stable income and high prospects for the future.

Staff Solutions was formed from our industry experience, we strive to help chefs and venues alike to grow and to be successful in this highly dynamic industry.