Work and Live in Australia

Are you a qualified chef looking for an opportunity to work and live in Australia? Staff Solutions is here to help!

Staff Solutions provides opportunities to chefs from eligible countries to pursue a career in Australia via the means of our sponsorship and placement program. This program provides a pathway to not only a rewarding career, but to rich and rewarding life in Australia as a fully-fledged citizen.

We provide guidance throughout the whole process ensuring that it is as easy and stress free as possible. We take care of all the hassle relating to the sometimes daunting and hard to understand visa application process as our professional team has been through this many times before.

We do not charge any upfront fees for our services, instead, this will be deducted whist you are undertaking your six-week onsite training schedule. At the completion of training your sponsorship period will begin, throughout this time you will be rewarded with a guaranteed minimum salary and job security. When the 2-3 year sponsorship period has elapsed you will now be eligible for Australian Residency.

For more information see if you are eligible by completing the following questionnaire. If you meet the requirements for the program we will send you an information pack that contains the answers to all the questions that you may have, we will also arrange a time where you can talk to our knowledgeable and passionate team.

At the completion of the questionnaire you will be required to submit your CV, this is so we can be better informed of your situation and to make sure that you do indeed meet our requirements.

Eligibility and First Contact Request

Please fill in your details to check your eligibility for sponsorship to work and live in Australia, once this is completed you will be able to upload your CV so we can say hello and get in touch with you!

Passport Country

What country do you hold a valid passport? This will determine if, and what visa you are eligible to work and live under. If you hold more than one, please let us know once we have made contact with you.

Common Questions

It typically takes 2-3 years. In this time, you will be working and living under a 601 or 417 visa depending on what passport you hold.
Staff Solutions does not take any upfront payments, instead we offer the ability to work off your placement and visa fees in small instalments over a six-month window on the commencement of the sponsorship program.
You are not locked into any contract, if you do choose to leave the sponsorship program you are free to do so at any stage. However, if you do not complete the full sponsorship period you will not be eligible for permanent residency in Australia.
As Staff Solutions does not charge any upfront fee’s you will not be liable for any further costs if you do wish to break your contract. However, the legal fees that have been paid are not refunded.