Solving the chef shortage in Australia

The Shortage:

In Australia we currently have a significant shortage of skilled and passionate chefs. You only need to visit one of the many online job platforms to understand that the demand is not currently be met locally. This is causing issue, as when demand exceeds supply, something has to give. Significant impacts on businesses can include but are not limited to:

  • Inflated salary packages
  • Lower standard of food delivery
  • Overwork of existing staff

Identifying the issues:

The current trend is for inexperienced chefs to be promoted before there time. This is a problem because generally they have not developed the skills necessary to deliver food to the production standards or quantity to meet the consumers high demand. This can create a stressful situation, so much so that the chef may leave the venue, industry or simply burn out. Younger generations in Australia have not been attracted to our industry and without a change we are on a trajectory that is not sustainable heading forward.

The Solution:

To meet the demand the Australian Government has allowed overseas qualified chefs to work in Australia with the promise of permanent residency. Over the past 5 years we have been recruiting high quality and passionate chefs from abroad to fill the huge gap of trained chefs here in Australia.

What we offer:

We offer solutions to commercial kitchens large and small. Through our rigorous selection process, we match chefs with venues to ensure that both parties are a great fit and that the needs of the venue are met. Our goal is to provide not just a skilled chef, but a team member who is going to be internally driven to work hard, and passionately leaving a positive impact on the kitchen and venue as a whole.

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